Friday, June 1, 2012

Bella Rose Baby Shower

I'm so happy to present to you guys all this wonderfull sweets I made specially for my soon to be born niece "Bella Rose".
The theme was inspired in her name ofcourse and of the romantic city of Paris.
Hope you guys like it!!!

Chocolate apples, cake pops coverd in pink coconut flakes, cake balls with fondant roses decoration and little maeshmallow squares.

Here we have cupcakes, more marshmallows, brownies and eclaire's.

Here we have a delicious rose infused buttercram frosting cake. 

This is the display of the 3 little cakes I made, they looked big but they were actually very small, they vary from 8' to 4'. And on the bottom of them we have chocolate/coconut covered pretzels.

This other one was pretty sweet and simple, made just with a crown of fondant roses on the top. cookies...I had so much fun making this sugar cookies, they were cute, girly, simple and romantic, just perfect.

This was the main cake, 3 layers 8', 6' and 4' with only stipes and fondant roses as decoration.

Beautiful display of  beautiful milk and pressed glass cake stands, cake plates, platters, bowls,  compotes, domes, jars, and vases from Minted and Vintage Desserts Stand Rentals


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