Monday, April 2, 2012

Princess Tea Party

Now that is Spring , is the perfect time for a Tea Party, specially for little girls. I had the oportunity to contribute on one of these faboulous parties, little princess love these kind of glamour and special time for them, let me show you what I made......

                                        Let me tell you it was a beautifull display of goodies.

This wonderfull little treats are mini rice krispies covered in fondant.

This are mini cupcakes covered with fondant, and cake balls covered in chocolate and embellished with a beautiful fondant flowers.

Don't forget my sugar cookies, and let me tell you this shoe cookies where one of a kind, cause I did not repeat styles, and on each crown cookie I put the name of each and every princess invited to this party, so no princess was left behind without one.

Cake pops made just for little princesses.

Yummy buttercream cupcakes.

Vintage looking cakes embellished with fondant flowers.

And to top it all off The Princess Cake, and yes that's me, putting together the finishing touches.
I really hope you enjoy this as much as I did, all the princesses attending this Tea Party felt special and in a wonderland with all the little treats.
Thank you, come and see me next time.