Thursday, June 14, 2012

"Once Upon A Book" {Cupcakes}

Hello everybody, for this post the inspiration of these wonderful cupcakes was from the amazing woman that we all know "Martha Stewart" she made an article for Baby shower themes, and one of then was {A Book-Theme} and knowing her it was absolutely goergeous and unique. My client was mesmerized by it and asked me for cupcakes with that theme; this is what I came up with and I hope you like it.

On this first cupcake, it was a vanilla with strawberry frosting embelished with a fondant book that like on the inspiration theme said {You'll love this book because}, they looked so adorable...

On the second one I wanted to make it seem like what it represented, the {twinkle, twinkle stars with moon} so I made a chocolate fudge cupcake with the chocolate frosting, embelished with moon and stars made out of fondant and sprinkled some disco dust on them for an extra sparkle.

Here we have the red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting embelished with a fondant ribbon, a little flower and the extra sparkle that I love of the disco dust.

This last ones were my favorites, they were just simple vanilla cupcake with vanilla frosting, but the decoration on them was super cute, I always have fun making those little tiny fondant flowers and leaves, that complement this cute theme super simple and sweet.

Here you have the finish product, for the perfect theme. Thank you Martha Stewart for your amazing talent and for giving us all those super cute ideas and inspirations.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Tortuga {Turtle} Baby Shower

This is another special Baby Shower, but again as you can see I think that for me they are all really special, this one the "Tortuga" {Turtle} it was for my sister Vianney and her first baby, she actually had as with absolutetly no clue on the baby's sex, she wanted it to be a total suprise for everybody, and since she totally love turtles she decided on this theme for the shower.

Let me start with the rice krispies pops, yes that's right they were not cake pops, I wanted something different so I decided on rice krispies better, and let me tell you, they were yummy!!!

With the sugar cookies, since we didn't know the baby's sex I didn't wanted to girly or to masculine, so I went for the basic plane look, simple turtles, onesis and cute bibs.

This were cake balls covered in chocolate with a fondant little bow as decoration.

I also wanted to incorporate something that resemble a little of the turtle, and I made this chocolate covered apples cause they were going to be hard and sturdy like a turtle's shell, well at least on my mind that's what I tought.

This are just some rice krispies semi-decorated with chocolate. 

And finally, my beautiful cake that I made exactly like the turtle used in the invitation and through all the baby shower decorations.

This is the complete desserts table.

And this is my beautiful sister Vianney, super happy and excited for the birth of her first baby, that by the way, was born on January 2012.

Oh yes!!!She had a beautiful baby girl named "Natalia" she's our little Tortuguita {lil' turtle} <3

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Cloud & Airplane Cookie Tutorial

Hello everybody, I am really excited to finally have the courage to post a tutorial for you guys. This is my very first tutorial ever, so please bare with me on this one. I have so many teachers and inspirations that they don't even know that I am such a fan of them such as "The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle", " Arty McGoo", "Ali Bee's" and many others, and I am kind of nervous because I am not even close to any of their work, but I am learning as I go. Thank you so much and I really hope you guys like it.

 I started really simple, with this wilton airplane cookie cutter, and this 3 flower cookie cutter from wilton also, notice I didn't make the flowers all the way, that's because I cut them so they looked as clouds, and I choose 3 different sizes to add the 3D look to them.

                    As you can see here, I am cutting the flowers so they can look like clouds.

Then I cut 2 of the same airplane cookie, one for the base and the other to also add the 3D look, so I choose just to add the wings and tale of the plane to them.

After baking them the next step was to add the royal icing to them, first outlineing them ofcourse. Do you see how pretty they looked?

Next,  I cut a mini maeshmallow in 3 parts and I used them on the airplane cookie to add heigth to them. I recomend you to add the marshmallows while the royal icing still fresh, and use it as a glue.

Then I decide to add the propeller made out of black fondant, and I also outline them and add finishing touches with black food coloring, using a super thin paint brush.

And to finish the clouds I decide to stacked them biggest to smallest, while they were fresh with the royal icing also. After I used some blue disco dust to add some sparkle to them.

And here is how they looked!!!

I was super happy with the results, because they were a creation of my own, and my very first tutorial.
Thanks to my dearest friend Christina Shook Hendrick for her request on this wonderful cookies, I had a blast making them for her little boy on his 1st birthday!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Bella Rose Baby Shower

I'm so happy to present to you guys all this wonderfull sweets I made specially for my soon to be born niece "Bella Rose".
The theme was inspired in her name ofcourse and of the romantic city of Paris.
Hope you guys like it!!!

Chocolate apples, cake pops coverd in pink coconut flakes, cake balls with fondant roses decoration and little maeshmallow squares.

Here we have cupcakes, more marshmallows, brownies and eclaire's.

Here we have a delicious rose infused buttercram frosting cake. 

This is the display of the 3 little cakes I made, they looked big but they were actually very small, they vary from 8' to 4'. And on the bottom of them we have chocolate/coconut covered pretzels.

This other one was pretty sweet and simple, made just with a crown of fondant roses on the top. cookies...I had so much fun making this sugar cookies, they were cute, girly, simple and romantic, just perfect.

This was the main cake, 3 layers 8', 6' and 4' with only stipes and fondant roses as decoration.

Beautiful display of  beautiful milk and pressed glass cake stands, cake plates, platters, bowls,  compotes, domes, jars, and vases from Minted and Vintage Desserts Stand Rentals