Friday, September 16, 2011

Fancy Nancy Cake

This is another special little cake that I made for lil Isabella, the theme was Fancy Nancy hope you like the detail.....
As you can see it had a lot of stuff going on, but if you are familiar with the books you'll understand it perfectly.
For the top crown and the Ooh-La-La sign I used edible glitter (raspberry color)
I really enjoy my work, and this cake looked and tasted amazing!!!! Ooh-ooh-La-La!!!!!!

LMB's Fairy Party

When my sister started planning this wonderful Fairy Tale of a party, I got so excited, there are so many things you can do!!!!! and I absolutetly LOVE this lilttle girl and had to make it extra special.

This was the super amazing cake, I tried to make it so it appeared as the fairy lil house with a mushroom garden, I love all the lil details like......
...the entry of the lil house with the initials on the top, the flowers as stepping stones and a lil table with a tea cup.....
 Also amaizing lil flowers, mushrooms and lil creatures

And finally the amazing display that my sister put together for it....
I had so much fun doing this Fairy Tale delight for my special lil LMB.
Here are more treats that I made to make it a compleate Fairy Tale....enjoy!!!!
Display, made by my beautiful sister Dannielle
Mini cakes

Cookies made into Fairy houses
Cakepops and woopie pies
Mini cupcakes
Thank you so much, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did, and if you guys want to see more of my work you can also find me on Thank you so so much for your support!!!