Saturday, June 9, 2012

Tortuga {Turtle} Baby Shower

This is another special Baby Shower, but again as you can see I think that for me they are all really special, this one the "Tortuga" {Turtle} it was for my sister Vianney and her first baby, she actually had as with absolutetly no clue on the baby's sex, she wanted it to be a total suprise for everybody, and since she totally love turtles she decided on this theme for the shower.

Let me start with the rice krispies pops, yes that's right they were not cake pops, I wanted something different so I decided on rice krispies better, and let me tell you, they were yummy!!!

With the sugar cookies, since we didn't know the baby's sex I didn't wanted to girly or to masculine, so I went for the basic plane look, simple turtles, onesis and cute bibs.

This were cake balls covered in chocolate with a fondant little bow as decoration.

I also wanted to incorporate something that resemble a little of the turtle, and I made this chocolate covered apples cause they were going to be hard and sturdy like a turtle's shell, well at least on my mind that's what I tought.

This are just some rice krispies semi-decorated with chocolate. 

And finally, my beautiful cake that I made exactly like the turtle used in the invitation and through all the baby shower decorations.

This is the complete desserts table.

And this is my beautiful sister Vianney, super happy and excited for the birth of her first baby, that by the way, was born on January 2012.

Oh yes!!!She had a beautiful baby girl named "Natalia" she's our little Tortuguita {lil' turtle} <3

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